Bracelet Size

Typically the length of the medical ID bracelet is a full length from end to end, when the bracelet is open and lays down. Our medical ID bracelet's length is measured as the circumference of the wrist bone plus half of an inch (1/2") to ensure comfortable wear. We suggest a couple ways how to measure length to make a proper order. 

Method 1. To determine your medical ID bracelet size, measure the wrist with a flexible tape measure just below the wrist bone, where you would place your Medical ID Bracelet. Take a true wrist measurement - not too tight or too loose. Now add to this amount 1/2"-inch. This is an approximate sizing. 

How to measure size of the wrist for Medical Id Bracelets.

Method 2. Another way to measure would be to choose a bracelet that fits the way you like it, with a toggle or clasp end, or your own watch. Lay it out straight and measure the length of the bracelet, this should be approx to the size you would order.

Measuring length of Medical ID bracelet

If this medical ID bracelet is a gift for someone else, and you don't know the wrist size, see the approximate size chart below. This is an average recommendation, accepted by the industry.

Recommended guide line for an average length of the bracelet
(if you order for someone else)

Size of Medical Id Bracelet if you buying for somebody else