Stainless Steel Sister Hook Clasp.


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Stainless Steel Sister Hook Clasp, SSSH01, 19/32"x3/16" (15 x 5 mm) has smooth brushed finish.

It can be used with any bracelet chains, beaded bracelets or necklaces.
Sister hook clasp size

A Sister Hook Clasp is preferable for a situation in which you rarely remove the bracelet.
This is a very dependable design. It is impossible to open this clasp on accident.
You will never lose your bracelet with a Sister Hook Clasp.
To open the clasp when the bracelet is on your wrist you will need somebody else's assistance.

It you need to open clasp daily, a better solution would be a Lobster clasp 
To use a lobster clasp you do not need assistance.

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